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Did you know that if this post was more than 600 words you probably wouldn’t read it in its entirety? As is, you probably clicked on this link thinking that you would just skim the article, but now that I’ve … Continue reading

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The Dark Night of the Soul

In 1578 St. John of the Cross wrote a poem entitled The Dark Night of the Soul. John’s poem talks about the painful growth of the spiritual life and the times of dryness and loneliness that are often experienced by … Continue reading

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Read Books Often

I found this image on Pinterest today (stop right there, quit judging me for being a male Pinterest user and then continue to read on) and found it to be ridiculously awesome. Being an English major I have throughly studied … Continue reading

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It was about a month ago where I saw a trend starting in my Twitter feed. A group of acquaintances from Victoria B.C. were all tweeting with the hashtag “ThankfulFirstWorld”. This hashtag is a play on the infamous hashtag #FirstWorldProblems. … Continue reading

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The Optimistic Idealist

I am an optimistic idealist. I like to see the good in people I know, and I like to believe the best of people I have not met. I like to believe in change, and occasionally, I like to believe … Continue reading

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