A Path to Simplicity – Day #6


#6. Develop a deeper appreciation for creation.

The beauty of creation has often left me dumbfounded. It is awe inspiring, breathtaking and more often than not, indescribable. Being from the west coast I have always had a deep appreciation for the mountains, the beauty that comes with being above the clouds is incredible. I have often heard that driving on the prairies is boring, and while I see the “flatness” argument as somewhat valid, consider this: have you ever looked up into the sky while out on the open prairie? If not, then do. The amount of sky that you can see, north, east, south and west, is amazing. It is a vast and never ending sea of blue, take a moment to appreciate it.

“Get close to the earth. Walk whenever you can. Listen to the birds. Enjoy the texture of grass and leaves. Smell the flowers. Marvel in the rich colours everywhere. Simplicity means to discover once again that ‘the earth is the LORD’s and the fullness thereof’ (Ps. 24:1)” – Foster


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